Everybody’s All Up In Everybody Else’s Grill

June 17, 2010 — 0

And whatnot.


. "Companies have gotten so collectively locked into a particular cadence of competition that they appear to have lost sight of their mandate -- which is to create meaningful grooves of separation from one another. Consequently, the harder they compete, the less differentiated they become." So says Youngme Moon, in her book DIFFERENT: ESCAPING THE COMPETITIVE HERD. Ad agencies are venture capitalists, retailers are media companies, production companies are ad agencies, and media companies (like ours) are becoming -- oops, can't go there yet. Moon, Anne Hubert's former professor, continues: "This is the problem with shifts: They tend to happen in real time, which means that there are going to be moments of ambiguity when remnants of the old truth still hold together, even as remnants of it are falling apart." I should write more about this.

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