More From Last Night’s Secret Jay-Z Show In NYC

September 10, 2009 — 1

Props to Courtney Holt for setting up this incredible show last night at the Blender Theater, as MySpace Music hosted Jay-Z. David Saslow, Jason Rzepka, Tuma Basa, Richard Kang and others watched what was supposed to be Hova's 45 minute set. Instead, it became a warm up for Jay's 9/11 concert. As Jay put it, "There's a lotta love in this room. I'm gonna do another hour. What can I say, I'm greedy." And that's why he's the king. So here's some more from the one and only... Then Jay-Z destroyed us with...

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  • @twofones

    September 12, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    I'm crushed that I couldn't make this show. And now you've made me feel worse.


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