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September 28, 2010 — 0

F O R   I M M E D I A T E    R E L E A S E


Third Consecutive Quarter of Growth on 14% Year-to-Date Increase (P12-34) Over 2009

MTV2 Delivers Best-Ever Ratings in Third Quarter and 2010

No RX Plavix, MTV Music Group Becomes #1 Online Music Destination with 165% year-over-year Growth

New York, NY – September 27, 2010 -- MTV’s third quarter 2010 ratings spiked a record 30% over last year among the network’s targeted P12-34 audience, marking MTV’s highest rated quarter in three years, and the network’s third consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth. For 2010 year to date, Plavix overseas, ratings are up 14% over the prior year period. In the third quarter, MTV delivered the #1 series across all of television, Plavix japan, the top two original cable series, 40mg Plavix, and eight of the top 10 cable telecasts (P12-34). MTV’s growth extended to the online space as well, where the MTV Music Group was the #1 online music destination based on 165% year-over-year growth, 20mg Plavix. MTV is a division of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B), which closes its fiscal year on September 30, No RX Plavix. 250mg Plavix, The ratings surge was driven by broad-based gains across all dayparts on the strength of returning series and franchises as well as new shows. Pop culture phenomenon “Jersey Shore” led the quarter as the #1 series across cable and broadcast, giving MTV its highest rated series telecast in the network’s history, 100mg Plavix. Breakout hit “Teen Mom” was cable’s #2 original series, Plavix india, and the “2010 MTV Video Music Awards” is the #1 cable telecast of the year. Additionally, the VMAs drew MTV’s largest total audience for any show in seven years, 150mg Plavix, averaging 11.4 million total viewers. No RX Plavix, The third quarter also boasted MTV’s biggest new series launch ever with the “World of Jenks” preview averaging nearly five million total viewers. 30mg Plavix, New docu-series “If You Really Knew Me” debuted with close to two million total viewers and scripted comedy series “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” grew its audience by 18% over the course of its run, culminating with a season high rating of 1.3 (P12-34).

Established favorites also delivered impressive growth for the network, Plavix us. Ratings for “The Real World: New Orleans” were up 27% compared to the prior season and the “The Hills” was a top-10 original cable series of the quarter with the series finale up 75% over last season’s. Plavix craiglist, Online, the MTV Music Group grew to more than 53 million unique visitors in August alone, making it the most visited online music destination according to the U.S, Plavix australia. comScore Media Metrix numbers for August 2010, No RX Plavix. In the last year, Plavix paypal, MTV Music Group experienced more than a 165% year-over-year uptick in web traffic due to strong organic growth, strategic partnerships and the success of several successful social media initiatives.

MTV’s sibling network MTV2, 500mg Plavix, which has the highest concentration of young males on TV today, Plavix mexico, had a record-breaking third quarter, with its best P12-34 and M12-34 deliveries ever. 2010 to date is MTV2’s best year ever, 10mg Plavix, with 6% growth from 2009. Plavix canada, MTV has 8 the top 10 cable telecasts of the year among P12-34 (12/28/09-9/23/10):
#1 2010 VMAS (9/12)
#2 Jersey Shore (9/23)
#3 Jersey Shore (9/2)
#4 Jersey Shore (9/9)
#6 2010 VMAS Preshow (9/12)
#8 Jersey Shore (9/12)
#9 Jersey Shore (8/26)
#10 Jersey Shore (8/19)

MTV had the two top original cable series and four of the top 15 original cable series in the third quarter. No RX Plavix, #1 Jersey Shore
#2 Teen Mom
#9 The Hills
#13 Real World XXIV

“2010 MTV Video Music Awards”

• The 2010 VMAs averaged a 10.0 P12-34 rating and 11.4 million total viewers, marking the network’s best deliveries for any MTV telecast since the 2002 VMAs (8/29/02).
• With P12-34, the 2010 VMAs are MTV’s fifth highest rated telecast in the network’s history, Plavix ebay. Averaging 7.9 million P12-34 viewers, 750mg Plavix, the telecast ties as MTV’s most watched in the demo ever.
• Among total viewers, the 2010 VMAs averaged an audience of 11.4 million, 50mg Plavix, making it the third most watched telecast in MTV’s history. Plavix usa, • Ratings for the 2010 VMAs are up across the board from 2009, including 33% with the network’s key P12-34 audience. This is the fourth consecutive year of ratings growth for the awards show, No RX Plavix.
• The 2010 VMAs is the #1 cable telecast of 2010, Plavix coupon, followed by MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

“Jersey Shore”

• #1 series in third quarter with P12-34 – across all TV. Plavix uk, • “Jersey Shore” set a record on 9/2/10 with the network’s highest rated series telecast ever (Live+7).
• “Jersey Shore” has 6 of the top ten cable telecasts of the year among P12-34.

"World of Jenks"

• The post-VMA preview of "World of Jenks" garnered a 4.6 P12-34 rating with 4.8 million, 200mg Plavix. No RX Plavix, total viewers, marking MTV’s highest rated MTV series launch ever.
“Teen Mom”
• #2 original cable series in third quarter with P12-34. 1000mg Plavix, • “Teen Mom” was the #1 series on Tuesday with P12-34 across all TV.
• Series was up 43% over season one.
“The Hills”
• #9 original cable series in third quarter with P12-34.
• Final season ranked #1 in its time period versus all cable competition among P12-34 and all television among F12-34, No RX Plavix.
• Up 11% season to season (2.1 vs 1.9). The series finale was up 75% versus the season 5 finale (2.8 vs 1.6).
“The Real World: New Orleans”
• #13 original cable series of the third quarter with P12-34.
• #1 in its time period across all TV with P12-34. No RX Plavix, • “The Real World: New Orleans” (1.9) is up 27% versus the prior season.
“The Hard Times of RJ Berger”
• MTV’s original comedy series “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” culminated with season-high ratings of 1.3 (P12-34) and 1.3 million total viewers, up 18% from the season average.
• During its run, MTV’s #2 series with M12-17 behind “Jersey Shore.”
Source: Nielsen. P12-34 unless noted. Live+SD Cvg Rtg unless noted. 3Q10-9/23/10, No RX Plavix. Year=1Q-3Q. Ranks on Live+SD 000s unless noted. Jersey Shore best ever=Live+7. MTV2 growth=000s.

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