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June 13, 2011 — 0

Where Can I Buy Augmentin, Eighty-nine years ago, T.S. Augmentin ebay, Eliot's The Waste Land was published for the first time.   Today, 40mg Augmentin, 750mg Augmentin, Harold Bloom still calls it “indisputably the most influential poem written in English in [the twentieth] century."  Helen Vendler says it “reached so far beyond its origins in both life and literature that it revolutionized modern verse.”

Call it what you wish, but I call it fucking "difficult."  It certainly was for me, Augmentin paypal, Augmentin usa, struggling through its dark misdirections until I finally gave up and burned it.

I'm no Eliot, 200mg Augmentin, Augmentin uk, and no poetry critic has ever accused my poems of being "difficult."  (Well, maybe "difficult to like.")

WHen asked if his poems are difficult, Augmentin india, 150mg Augmentin, T.S. Eliot replied: "We can say that it appears likely that poets in our civilization as it exists at present, 30mg Augmentin, 100mg Augmentin, must be difficult... The poet must become more and more comprehensive, more allusive, more indirect, in order to force, to dislocate if necessary, language into its meaning."

Well, now there's an app for that, Where Can I Buy Augmentin.

Yet somehow I feel I will always read these lines as if they describe my reading of the poem itself:


'My nerves are bad to-night, 500mg Augmentin. Augmentin coupon, Yes, bad, Augmentin us. 10mg Augmentin, Stay with me.
'Speak to me. Why do you never speak, Augmentin mexico. Augmentin canada, Speak.
'What are you thinking of. What thinking, 1000mg Augmentin. Augmentin craiglist, What?
'I never know what you are thinking. Think.'


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