Amalie Plays Glockenspiel

July 22, 2009 — 5

My friend Jesse Angelo introduced me to this incredible new, unsigned artist, Amalie Bruun, the other night. I've been listening to her song, I Feel Sick, all week: I feel sick 'Cause I had one too many, last night. I couldn't sleep... So I called up my good friend, the writer He's in the bathroom right now. In a moment, I will join him in there. He looks really good, But I know he only likes me for my money I love that she's one of my few friends from Denmark and she actually plays Glockenspiel on her roof, from time to time. Here's an example of a toy Glock, though it's not Amalie's. You can't really tell that it's hooked up to a MIDI, but it is:   Here's a rough video of Amalie so you can hear her voice:     Here she is with the kind of instrument Peter Kay wishes he had...