Visiting Warby Parker

June 11, 2013 — 0

Ten things I loved about my morning with Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker:

- Old school train schedule board showing the day's eye exam appointments, modeled on Philly's Penn Station - The sign on the front of Warby Parker's new Soho store: image - Copies of Paris Review on the store's waiting room coffee table, one of which was torn up by Neil's son - The story of Warby Parker presented as a narrative on the store's countertops - The kindness of everyone who works here - You get a bag of Neil's favorite pretzels on your first day at work - "Continually challenge ourselves to learn and do good."  (On the wall, next to the fridge.) - The fact that Tomaz Salamun's book of poems, Poker, is on the store shelf: image - When you buy a pair of glasses, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone who can't afford any - The photo both.  Here's Neil and me:    


The “Jordana Tank” By Designer Lindsay Degen

May 31, 2013 — 0

My wife, Jordana Munk Martin, has inspired some new summer 2013 couture: The "Jordana Tank" by designer Lindsay Degen.  (FYI It's not Jordana in these photos.) Hero_jordanatank-product-7 Degen's beautiful knitted summer sweaters are featured on Of A Kind, which describes them like this: This is the definition of summer sweater. Hand-knit from super-soft merino wool, it’s substantial enough to wear to the office—and looks good with a blazer when the A/C is cranking. That being said: We’re pretty obsessed with how stellar both colors look with bare shoulders and white jeans.
I'm kinda proud. More than kinda.  And we are big fans of Degen's work overall, including her collaboration with Converse last year. Like most of Degen's stuff, these summer sweaters will sell out -- they've already started to, in some colors.  So get them while you can!


Where Can I Buy Temovate

March 30, 2011 — 0

Where Can I Buy Temovate, It's only Wednesday, but I needed a break from my usual reading this morning, so I decided to look at stuff that has nothing to do with my everyday.  Furniture design, Temovate ebay. Temovate paypal,  I went looking for some design inspiration.  I did not find it, 20mg Temovate. Temovate craiglist,  Instead, thanks to Fast Co.Design, Temovate canada, Temovate japan, this frown-inducing, war-inspired furniture by Vincent Dubourg:

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Buy Zyprexa No Prescription

March 21, 2011 — 0

Via Fast Company Desig Buy Zyprexa No Prescription, n...

MIT Media Lab Identity, 750mg Zyprexa, Zyprexa paypal, 2011 from readyletsgo on Vimeo.

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MTV’s Legendary Design Guru, Jeffrey Keyton, Jams In My Office

December 16, 2009 — 0

Jeffrey Keyton's such a design genius, I've literally stalked him to get him to work with me. The guy's a complete legend in these halls because so much of the visual language of MTV for the past 20 years, well, came literally from him. When Jeffrey dropped by my office and picked up this cheap, out-of-tune guitar from the set of last year's series Engine Room, then started jammin' on it, I grabbed my Flip and hit the red button.... After he got a little warmed up, Jeffrey settled into a groove and pulled this out...


Building The Set For Last Night’s Woodie Awards

November 19, 2009 — 0

Tom Lenz's set design for this year's Woodie Awards was more ambitious than we'd ever attempted. And it turned out to be my favorite he's ever done for us.   The build was kinda intense. Once we are done cutting the show (it airs at 10pm December 4th on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and Palladia, we'll really get to show everyone how beautiful the set looked in our cameras.  Here's a peek at the set being built on Tuesday and Wednesday.... woodiessetbuild1 woodiessetbuild2 woodiessetbuild3 woodiesetbuild4 woodiessetbuild5