“Fresh Guacamole”: A New Stop Motion Short from PES

March 12, 2012 — 0

Fresh Guacamole: A New Stop Motion Short from PES video cooking animation

Stop-motion slight of hand’s not new, but in the hands of PES, every cut’s a surprise…

From Colassal:

In his first stop motion short in over a year, animator PES (previously) has just released this brilliant companion piece to his groundbreaking 2008 cooking video Western Spaghetti. I’m happy to report this new clip is every bit as wonderful as his earlier works. PES has an uncanny ability to utilize the most unexpected common objects to represent foods, animals and other things—those dice!!


Pamela Anderson + Ed Westwick = Nokia N8?

September 6, 2010 — 0

Like, why?

Last year, I was invited to Nokia Ideas Camp, a fun good time with lotsa Nordic smart folk, lotsa blue-eyed rocket scientists who make robots and battle them for fun. I even met Tim Kring. And had a beer with Yossi Vardi. It’s a playground of ideas and the geniuses who actually know how to make shit.

I loved it. I set a World Record for “ear-wiggling,” and I got to play with all the new Nokia phones, many of which won’t be out for a few years, some of which will never see the light of day, and of course the big daddy, the Nokia N8.

The N8 is market proof — for those consumers who don’t go to CES — that there’s so much cool shit going on inside Nokia.


And yet, and yet. Did you know? Did you care? Nokia continues to get slammed here in the U.S. by Apple and anyone else who wants to make a phone.

Nokia’s solution: Pam Anderson? Ed Westwick? Is Pam Anderson in a short film going to make you want to buy no other mobile device but this one? And if that’s asking too much, is she even going to make you think Nokia’s a brand for people like you?



Craig, let’s you and me and ML have a whiskey at an undisclosed location and hit GO on #684 already.


Guest Lectured This Week At NYU

March 26, 2010 — 0

I guest lectured an NYU class on the future of media and entertainment on Wednesday. The class was about 50 students from NYU’s Tisch (film/tv/media), Stern (business) and Gallatin (individualized study) schools.

Here’s my profile on RateMyProfessors, with 2 ratings so far.

Posting this comment from a student for my mom to see:

Enjoyed listening to his job description. Powerpoint was amazing, loved the pictures. He made the entire class interesting and fun. Great sense of humor and personality. I’ve never have been so sad to see a guest speaker leave before. Thank you Mr. Martin for coming.

Notice the student did not comment on my hotness. I begged the class to go on and give me “chili peppers” (an indication of a professor’s hotness) — to prove to my wife that I am indeed still hot — but, sadly, nobody felt so moved to do so.

Great class, though. Asked some insightful questions. Most watch Jersey Shore, but none actually know when it’s on (they TiVo it). The whole experience gave me a chance to feel like a college professor again.


Antonio Campos’ “Afterschool” Is The Best Movie You Probably Won’t See This Year

September 30, 2009 — 5

Unless you trust me.

Is this movie going to make you laugh? Probably not even once. Is it going to make you go out and buy the soundtrack? Nope, there is no music in the movie.

So why am I recommending AFTERSCHOOL so strongly? Because in the midst of all the complete fucking shit in the theaters right now — (darn, promised I would be “more nicer” after Yom Kippur.)

I first heard about Antonio Campos from his manager, my friend, Melissa Breaux of Washington Square Arts. That was like 3 years ago.

Antonio’s least appreciated in America, but he’s our greatest young American filmmaking hope. You know who loves him? Cannes. The French get him. The Germans do too, I think. He is beloved in Armenia. Even the New York Times and The Village Voice. So what are the rest of us waiting for?

Nothin. It’s time. Watch this trailer. See this movie. Then join me in welcoming one of the most original, visionary voices in independent film in years. There’s just nobody like Antonio Campos. Nobody. See for yourself…

PS Check out Antonio’s incredible music video for The Shins, which was #1 on the college charts for 3 months.