Amalie Plays Glockenspiel In My Office

September 21, 2009 — 6

Amalie Bruun came by the office here at MTV in Times Square. She brought her Glockenspiel.

She sat on my window sill, we opened some wine (I may or may not have stolen) from Tony DiSanto's office, and she played us some songs. Usually, Amalie's band backs her up. But today it's just Amalie, her glocks and us... I love this song, it's called "I Feel Sick" (can you say, "Label bidding war?")   Another incredible original, "Housecat" (Lars Von Trier you have a movie in your head, set to this song) Here's "E-e-everytime" ...and Musicbox Then she grabbed a guitar -- the one we used when we shot "MTV Engine Room" last year -- and covered "Spider To A Fly" by the Stones...


Amalie Plays Glockenspiel

July 22, 2009 — 5

My friend Jesse Angelo introduced me to this incredible new, unsigned artist, Amalie Bruun, the other night. I've been listening to her song, I Feel Sick, all week: I feel sick 'Cause I had one too many, last night. I couldn't sleep... So I called up my good friend, the writer He's in the bathroom right now. In a moment, I will join him in there. He looks really good, But I know he only likes me for my money I love that she's one of my few friends from Denmark and she actually plays Glockenspiel on her roof, from time to time. Here's an example of a toy Glock, though it's not Amalie's. You can't really tell that it's hooked up to a MIDI, but it is:   Here's a rough video of Amalie so you can hear her voice:     Here she is with the kind of instrument Peter Kay wishes he had...