MTV’s Legendary Design Guru, Jeffrey Keyton, Jams In My Office

December 16, 2009 — 0

Jeffrey Keyton's such a design genius, I've literally stalked him to get him to work with me. The guy's a complete legend in these halls because so much of the visual language of MTV for the past 20 years, well, came literally from him. When Jeffrey dropped by my office and picked up this cheap, out-of-tune guitar from the set of last year's series Engine Room, then started jammin' on it, I grabbed my Flip and hit the red button.... After he got a little warmed up, Jeffrey settled into a groove and pulled this out...


Richard Shay Just Made Me This Incredible Guitar

November 30, 2009 — 7

RossHarryTheo My friend Harry Oppenheimer (the handsome gentleman in the above photo) took me to see his buddy, the legendary Chicago photographer and artist Richard Shay.   Richard's famous for his work with Oprah, Ellen, Michael (Jordan) and many others. Richard took us inside his girlfriend's house and showed us what he's been working on.   He snapped photos of my 7 month-old son and me as he showed Harry and me portraits of celebs and their families, as well as some experiments in which Richard paints his photographs onto guitars in 14 carat gold leaf.  The next day, Richard called Harry and asked if he could come over.  When he arrived, he handed me THIS:   guitar1   guitar2   guitar3 How the heck did he do this?  He literally ran to a shop, bought a guitar, then stayed up all night in a fit of creativity and applied photos of Theo and me to the guitar.  He went to bed at 5AM, woke up at 11, and finished.  This is what the back of the guitar looks like, with a photo of Theo: guitar4 Richard's not just an incredible photgrapher, he's an incredible guy. He's like a little kid. He plays with remote controlled helicopters, he flies himself around the world to teach kids in 3rd world countries how to use a camera, he paints your image onto a freakin guitar and then drives it over to hand it to you! And now that I have this thing, it's going in my office tomorrow.  It's like the ultimate Christmas gift for, say, Jack White or Steven Rubenstein.  Right?  Here's Richard's site.  He doesn't talk about this stuff yet because this is one of the first he's ever made.  But he's gonna make more, and they're gonna sell out, so here's your chance to get in early with Richard and get one. Here's the inimitable Richard Shay actually painting Theo and me onto the guitar in gold leaf... guitar6 guitar7 guitar8 Here's the guitar drying along with a cymbal and two mirrors Richard also made, each with Theo's face. guitar9


Daniel Nester Found Out That Hitler Found Out That “United Breaks Guitars”

August 9, 2009 — 0

Back in June, I posted about Dave Carroll, who by now everyone knows had his guitar broken by an initially unrepentant United Airlines. Since then, there have been too many updates to keep up to date on. Tributes, imitations, pledges of solidarity, hateful rants against United Airlines, donations, and now this, which Daniel Nester just posted on his burgeoning site: For more inappropriate content, please visit Daniel Nester's site and prepare for the debut of his new book, HOW TO BE INAPPROPRIATE, this fall. For more on David Carroll...nah, enough about David Carroll for a while.


VP of MTV News Benjamin Wagner Just Performed In My Office

August 7, 2009 — 11

Turns out, when he's not running MTV News, Benjamin Wagner writes and performs music. In fact, he's already got a few indie albums out. Benjamin took a break from breaking news and whatnot, and he came over for a visit just now. My meeting was ending, so Ben picked up a guitar and jammed for us. Check out Ben... Here's an original...

Untitled from Ross Martin on Vimeo.

Notice the sky in his guitar. We stole the guitar from Robin Katz, in our music department, who was working from home today.

Untitled from Ross Martin on Vimeo.

Download Benjamin's music here Check out Benjamin's website here Catch Benjamin live at the following upcoming shows: Rockwood Music Hall (New York, New York) August 13th, 2009 - 9:00 pm Iowa State Fair (Des Moines, Iowa) August 16th, 2009 - 12:00 pm Rockwood Music Hall (New York, New York) October 17th, 2009 - 5:00 pm


United Airlines Broke His Guitar

July 13, 2009 — 6

Ok I wasn't going to post anything about this because EVERYONE ELSE has. But fuck it, it's just too good. And the subject's too relevant to what I kinda think I am supposed to be doing. United Airlines broke Dave Carroll's guitar, so he wrote a song about it: I've heard all your excuses and I've chased your wild gooses and this attitude of yours I say must go. United, United you broke my Taylor guitar. United, United some big help you are. You broke it, you should fix it. You're liable just admit it. I should have flown with someone else Or just have gone by car. Because United breaks guitars. Then he posted this video that now 2.5MM people have watched: Taylor guitars uploaded a classy response, supporting Dave and guitarists everywhere: This is what you see when you go to Taylor Guitars' site: Then this opportunistic fellow named Steven, from a local music shop, chimed in to support Dave. He announces he is canceling two flights he has scheduled on United. He even offers to lend Dave his own acoustic guitar. Finally, United Airlines agrees to reimburse Dave for the guitar (and to evolve its customer service practices). And Dave issues this statement: Dave's making a new music video about this, coming any day now. I emailed United to ask them about their new policy regarding Taylor guitars. That was a few hours ago. No response yet. Can you imagine what Jeff Hayzlett would do if he ran marketing for United? I did get a response to my blog post about NeuroDrinks...from NeuroDrinks. I'll share it soon. For now, I gotta go, this conference call is ending...