MTV’s Legendary Design Guru, Jeffrey Keyton, Jams In My Office

December 16, 2009 — 0

Jeffrey Keyton's such a design genius, I've literally stalked him to get him to work with me. The guy's a complete legend in these halls because so much of the visual language of MTV for the past 20 years, well, came literally from him. When Jeffrey dropped by my office and picked up this cheap, out-of-tune guitar from the set of last year's series Engine Room, then started jammin' on it, I grabbed my Flip and hit the red button.... After he got a little warmed up, Jeffrey settled into a groove and pulled this out...


Portfolio Magazine On CNET’s Mark Cuban, Kodak’s Jeffrey Hazlett, Best Buy’s Barry Judge & Yours Truly From

November 17, 2009 — 0

Here's Matt Haber's insightful piece in Portfolio Magazine yesterday about execs who blog, execs who tweet, execs who get themselves in trouble, and execs who stare out the window looking for naked people in the hotel next door. And, for the record, our art & promos department is the best in the business, and everybody knows it!