The Big Questions Small Creatures Provoke

February 8, 2013 — 0

The life's work of biologist Edward O. Wilson leads even the most solipsistic among us to a deeper curiosity about -- if not religious faith in -- our interdependence. Wilson was among the first biologists of the 20th century to propel the scientific community forward by illuminating the interdependent systems of the smallest yet most profound creatures around us. All along, he's brought the rest of us scientifically-challenged beings with him by carefully, elegantly deciphering central human truths and helping us understand the large (and small) scale implications. For example, if we were to vacuum up all the bugs in the world that annoy us, guess how long the human species would have left on earth? Months. At's second annual TRANS4M conference, yesterday, President Clinton shared with a group of us how Wilson's teachings have inspired perspectives on the world's greatest challenges that enabled him to imagine new solutions and act on them. On their own, Wilson's books (and I'm barely an inch through his vast oeuvre) gift us dramatic narratives, the kind that have made Discovery Channel so successful. Like watching a show on Discovery, it's our innate ability to extrapolate what we learn from a mind like Wilson's and apply it to our unique areas of focus that make it all matter more and mean something, personally. So I'm diving in here -- already learning from the ants, the worms, the bees.  It is fun but it makes it hard to shut off your mind and pretend to not want to grapple with the big questions small creatures provoke...


Asher Roth, Janelle Monae, Byron Ward, Tim Kash, John Loscalzo, Matt & Kim, Clipse, Tony DiSanto, Kim Stolz and More At The Woodies Afterparty

December 14, 2009 — 3

The Woodie Awards afterparty is always quite wonderful on many, many levels, most of which can't be discussed. In the heart of a recession, it's not like there's gonna be a holiday party, so this becomes a holiday party. It's a perfect combo of drunk artists, drunk celebs, drunk executives, drunk fans, drunk bartenders, drunk security, get the idea. This year I stayed sober and found myself in hilarious conversations, including one in which a colleague asked if I attended the show this year. Attended? Um, yeah, dickfor. Anyway, here's some of what I remember... - DiSanto and I had a drink and talked about I can't remember what and even if I did I couldn't write it down here. - Kim Stolz slipped me her badge because I'd given mine to someone else so they could get into the party. - I had a great talk with Nick from Seven2 about how he needs to meet Kevin at Area/Code. I hope to work more with them both. - VJ Dana Sky and Nick Brown from The Real World were dancing and having more fun than anybody. - VJ Tim Kash analyzed the Woodies, in depth, which surprising I really needed and appreciated. - Clipse drank. - Byron Ward and I spoke about wtf comes next, and he told me about his comedy showcase thing, which I'm going to check out. - Asher Roth and I hugged. - Gina Esposito I thanked and thanked and thanked. - Chris McCarthy hooked me up. - John Loscalzo looked hot. - Doug Everson makes me happy. - Will I Am, I lost you... - Zooey, I am sorry. - Kim (of Matt & Kim) and I toasted her and Matt's huge performance, not to mention their surprise Best Video Woodie win (I called it months ago!). And then Asher Roth and Janelle Monae went and did this...