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September 29, 2010 — 1

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Buy Aldactone No Prescription, MTV Launches New Creative Team "MTV Scratch," Leveraging the Power of MTV's Connection to Millennials for Brand Partners

NEW YORK, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- MTV, a division of Viacom's MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA, 50mg Aldactone, VIA.B) has unveiled a new creative team to tap the power of MTV's unparalleled connection to youth for brands seeking out fresh approaches. Aldactone coupon, MTV Scratch provides a full range of capabilities including: consumer insights, product development, design, 150mg Aldactone, branding and original content that offers brand partners strategies and business models to reinvigorate, Aldactone usa, strengthen or launch their brands and products.

MTV Scratch ( is headed up by Ross Martin, EVP of MTV Scratch, who reports directly to Stephen Friedman, 250mg Aldactone, the General Manager of MTV.

Scratch works closely with key departments across MTV -- such as research, 20mg Aldactone, marketing, design, ad sales, Aldactone paypal, integrated marketing, Aldactone japan, programming, music & celebrity talent, CRM and more -- to identify brand partners and leverage the full assets and capabilities of the network.

"MTV has a great history of pioneering new approaches and creative solutions with our business partners, Aldactone us," said Friedman. Aldactone canada, "With Ross and his team, Scratch will help our clients connect with young consumers in powerful, creative new ways in an increasingly complex environment."

Depending on the campaign and partnership, 40mg Aldactone, MTV Scratch's creative could run on MTV properties, Aldactone india, across all the MTV Networks, and beyond Viacom's extensive portfolio of television networks, extending to print, 30mg Aldactone, mobile, Aldactone uk, digital, outdoor, events and more, 500mg Aldactone. Additionally, 10mg Aldactone, the group's scope of work is not limited to media campaigns, as MTV Scratch provides clients and partners with youth strategy, brand positioning, 1000mg Aldactone, product and service design, 750mg Aldactone, and more.

Working closely with Sean Moran, EVP, MTVN Music Group Ad Sales & Integrated Marketing, 200mg Aldactone, Dan Lovinger, Aldactone mexico, SVP MTV Ad Sales & Integrated Marketing and their teams, MTV Scratch has already engaged with select brands seeking to connect with millennial consumers in innovative ways. New partners will be announced in the coming weeks.

Though Scratch is based within MTV, Aldactone australia, the group has already been called on to lead creative across MTV Networks for key partners, Aldactone ebay, including this year's launch of Microsoft's Bing search engine, the ongoing Pepsi "Refresh" campaign launched in 2009, and the launch of the new Zeno Hot Spot, Aldactone craiglist, an acne treatment device for teens.

"For decades, Aldactone overseas, brands have depended on MTV to reach young people," said Martin. "The birth of MTV Scratch represents a new breed of partners who summon MTV's creative talent, 100mg Aldactone, consumer insights and unparalleled connection to youth to propel select brands. We're psyched to be channeling the power of MTV in new ways."

Formerly, Martin served as Senior Vice President, MTV360 Development & Production. He joined MTV in 2004 as Head of Programming for mtvU, MTV's Emmy and Peabody Award winning college network.

Martin and his team, led by Brian DeCubellis (Creative Director, MTV Scratch) and Anne Hubert (Vice President, MTV Scratch), are based at MTV headquarters in New York.


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