15 Big Ways The Internet is Changing Our Brains


Not sure I agree with all of this — or with Nicholas Carr, for that matter — but a new study from Online College, much of it very obvious, raises good questions about the effect of the interwebs on our brains… (via Ray Kurzweil): 

  1. The Internet is our external hard drive
  2. Children are learning differently
  3. We hardly ever give tasks our full attention
  4. We don’t bother to remember
  5. We’re getting better at finding information
  6. Difficult questions make us think about computers
  7. IQ is increasing over time
  8. Our concentration is suffering
  9. We’re getting better at determining relevance
  10. We’re becoming physically addicted to technology
  11. The more you use the Internet, the more it lights up your brain
  12. Our brains constantly seek out incoming information
  13. We’ve become power browsers
  14. Online thinking persists even offline
  15. Creative thinking may suffer






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