Month: May 2009

  • My Vote (So Far) For Music Video of the Year

    Matt & Kim’s “Lessons Learned.” Make sure you watch to the end…

  • NBC: “We’re at our core a Cable Company”

    Ok Jeff. And “Seinfeld wouldn’t make it today.”

  • “I Want to Dunk”

    “Hi, my name is Joel Lava, and I want to dunk.”  That’s how Joel’s quest began, on March 18th, 2007. He was 37 years old, 6’2″ and 200 lbs. (I can relate, minus 2 years and few inches.) Joel worked hard, trained daily, experimented with different techniques. The guy was committed. He documented every step…

  • Must Be Nice, Jeff Bezos

    “Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service” — Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s 2009 shareholder meeting Click for full article

  • Diplo & Switch’s “Major Lazer” An Early Woodies Fave?

    Transactional media in the middle of the new Diplo & Switch music video, “Major Lazer”? Check out how the animation makes way for live action, in which young boys play with action figures you can (not really) “order now!” My guess is they compete for a Woodies nomination this year.

  • Sunkist Virals

    My friend Dan Beers made these for Sunkist. Good stuff, Dan. You can see all of them right here.

  • Interview on Josh Caldwell’s Blog

    Did a quick interview for Josh Caldwell’s blog.

  • Phewsioneering

    Shout out to Ed “Gogo” Lovelace and Gold Medal Champion Kevin Young. Here’s Kevin winning Olympic gold in 1992, setting the world record in the toughest race of them all, the 400 meter hurdles, which he still holds… Kevin Young 46.78s record mundial 400mv from on Vimeo. Kevin and Ed are best friends whose…

  • We Keep Getting Pitched By…

    …all these start-ups who have “exclusive deals” with the top bloggers and internet “personalities” in the universe, all of whom (they promise) are dying to shill product. So…wait…Blogger, you wanna, like, leverage your credibility so fast? But you just got it! We’re poking around, we’re learning, we’re hoping to be surprised. But I don’t get…

  • Boondocks and Poet Laureate Kay Ryan

    Wish we were doing more to spread Kay Ryan’s poems. Nobody else writes like this. This is the first I’ve seen her reading her own work. Problem is, you can’t see the line breaks when she’s reading, and she doesn’t read how she writes. Here’s a cool clip where mentions her unlikely connection to Aaron…