Photos By Erik Johansson

April 30, 2010 — 0

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About Erik Johansson:

I’m a 24 year old freelance photographer and student who currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. During this spring I am finishing my studies by doing my master thesis in Interaction Design, this makes me a quite busy person at the moment. It affects the amount of time I can put on photography this spring, but just drop me a mail if you have an interesting project which you would like me to be a part of. As I have got quite a lot of requests about buying prints I have decided to set up a shop in the future with limited editions of some of my photos. So stay tuned.


Poem By My Son When He Was 5

April 27, 2010 — 0


I love you in the house and over the roof.

I love you outer space.

I love you under the fence and over the room.

I love you in the bushes and out the grass.

I love you in the machine and out the door.

I love you in the drawer and out the light.

I love you stuck behind the door
and stuck behind the pillows
and under the covers.

I love you in the cave.

I love you in the ear and out the mouth.

I love you infinity.

– by Dashiell Martin, age 5


What We’re Doing This Weekend: Hester Street Fair

April 23, 2010 — 1

The debut Hester Street Fair, of course. And…we’ve got a table there.

It’s all part of a covert operation, but you’ll get what we’re up to if you can find us there.

Here’s what Time Out NY had to say about the fair…

Brooklyn Flea may be the poster child for New York’s nouveau-market boom, but if you shop with your stomach like we do, there’s competition across the bridge: Hester Street Fair, opening for business Sat 24. “We knew that if we had great food, the rest would fall into place,” says fair cofounder and former MTV News host SuChin Pak. She envisions the flea market, located in the Seward Park Co-op, as a hub for local restaurants—look out for grub from area all-stars like An Choi, Luke’s Lobster and chef Daniel Holzman of the Meatball Shop (scooping all-natural snow cones), as well as non-native options, like Montreal-style bagels from Brooklyn’s Mile End. Hester St at Essex St ( Sat, Sun 10am–6pm. Through December.


The DELL Streak/Greg Clayman Controversy

April 19, 2010 — 0

My brutha Greg Clayman is officially a media kingpin. As if he wasn’t already. Homie tweets innocently from a DELL Streak that he thinks the Streak is “amazing”…

… and next thing you know, he is quoted as a fan of the Streak by Peter Kafka. (It’s worth the read for Kafka’s hilarious caveats.)

Then Shelly Palmer mentions Clayman’s enthusiasm on his blog, today:

Dell’s Streak will come in both 7″ and 10″ models. Some critics, including MTV’s digital head Greg Clayman, think its “amazing.” While the Streak looks incredibly similar to the iPad, only time will tell if its a superior product.

So…does Clayman plan to actually buy a DELL Streak? Better question is, who will be the first to give him one?


My Son & His Cousins Make Promos For The New MTV Show “Dudesons In America”

April 17, 2010 — 0

Thanks to Johnny Knoxville, there’s a new JACKASS, and it’s called DUDESONS IN AMERICA. On a recent trip out west, my son and his cousins took it upon themselves to make some promos for the new series.

Here’s Owen, fearless…

As you can see, this basically turned into an excuse to pummel the guy with the camera (me)…

My own son, Dash, with no regard for the human body…

Seen enough? You can watch the real trailer for DUDESONS IN AMERICA, here.

I’ll close with a letter of introduction from Johnny Knoxville himself:

The Dudesons are four Finnish f***tards who have come to the US of A to pursue the American dream. Of course, their idea of pursuing the American dream is to do even more stupid crap here than they did back home. Best friends since childhood, The Dudesons have spent their lives performing and documenting on film ingeniously idiotic stunts and pranks. This series will follow these four nimrods as they try to ASS-immilate into our culture by doing the dumbest things imaginable. Can The Dudesons get along with their American neighbors or will their non-stop f-ing around only make the culture clash worse?

Lucky for The Dudesons, they are as lovable as they are nuts, and they are counting on that charm to win over local townsfolk and whatever authorities they’ll most assuredly encounter. Watch as the boys try to reach Mars with their own self-built space rocket. Come giggle as the boys try to become cowboys by milking a bull. As an over-optimistic stunt man myself, I think The Dudesons are going to take American by storm. They’re hilarious, they got balls, and their hearts are bigger than their brains.

Sincerely and Love,
Johnny Knoxville