See You At NATPE In Miami?

December 30, 2010 — 0

Last time I went to NATPE, it was 8 years ago in New Orleans, and I was in the middle of setting up a series pilot at VH1. Now I am a corporate tool, and I’m on a panel called “Master Class: The Future of Branded Content” with Frank Cooper (Pepsi), Emil Jattne (Grey Goose, Bacardi U.S.A), moderated by Bobby Friedman (@Radical).

As the MTV Scratch website says, I don’t exactly know what “branded content” is. But I love Bobby and Frank, and I’m psyched to meet Emil. Plus, this shit’s in Miami, bitches! So come hang.

“Master Class: The Future of Branded Content”
Wednesday, January 26th | 11:30 to 12:15 PM

As branded content becomes a staple for networks, marketers and talent, hear leaders in consumer packaged goods and media discuss the shifting economics of content development and how to best reach elusive audiences in new and profitable ways. Each panelist will share a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective at the development of a key initiative, and field questions from both moderator and audience about its impact. A fresh, behind-the-scenes opportunity to hear about the strategies and tactics of some of the category’s leading players, and the resulting, often unforeseen outcomes of their decisions.

Moderator(s): Robert Friedman, President, Media and Entertainment, Radical Media
Speaker(s): Ross Martin, EVP, MTV Scratch, MTV Networks; Emil Jattne, Senior Brand Manager, Grey Goose, Bacardi U.S.A., Inc.; Frank Cooper III, SVP, Chief Consumer Engagement Officer, Pepsi-Cola Beverages Americas


Poem By Thomas Lynch

December 27, 2010 — 0

It’s bone cold tonight in Brooklyn, the snow has long buried the cars and the bikes. As I walked Dash home from a friend’s house, I thought about Andy Bachman‘s new post, how “I don’t feel lonely as much as I feel grateful for the odd proximity of Christmas Eve.”

Buried in the glimmering crystal, something of a prayer for those friends of mine who are struggling tonight.

A Clearing in the Woods


You have come into a clearing in the woods
and want to live your life out, here, alone,
joyous and remote among the catbirds

letting the light fall on you and the shade
in hourly changing angles as a grace
endlessly descending among tree limbs

while growing in you is the will to grow
mindless of the niggling everyday
profusion of detail by which you know

uselessly the names and dates and shape of things.
After a while, you will begin to sing.
Harmless and plentiful you make the sounds.

Bent on nothing that does not bend with ease
you and your song rise in the leafy air
chancy as bass spawn in a mallard’s underwings.

Thomas Lynch, “A Clearing in the Woods” from Skating With Heather Grace. Copyright © 1986 by Thomas Lynch. Used by permission of Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, Inc.

(Thomas Lynch: Start with his book of essays detailing his work as an undertaker. Then I moved to his poems, beginning with the most powerful, STILL LIFE IN MILFORD.


Fun With Ice

December 21, 2010 — 0

Jordana had a party at her Gowanus studio last weekend. Thanks to her partners at the Textile Arts Center, some ice sculptors were set up outside, mounted some huge blocks of ice, and went to town with their electric saws. When I came out to check on them, they’d turned one of the ice blocks into an electric guitar. One dude hooked it up to an amp and was playin’ that shit like Ira of Yo La Tengo. I’m the ass who didn’t have a camera on me to film it.

So instead, here’s a random video of some ice and music:


Brad Grossman’s New “Zeitguide” Is Out

December 20, 2010 — 0

Cultural guru Brad Grossman just released his latest private “Zeitguide” for clients and friends. Here’s what I wrote for it:

“Business leaders now expect media companies to deliver more than advertising inventory on their platforms. They seek a deeper understanding of, and connection to, their consumers. It’s a phenomenon media companies are embracing as an opportunity to use the power of our insights, talent and connection to our audiences in new ways. In turn, as media companies flex muscles they’ve never flexed before, so do marketers (becoming content companies) and agencies (becoming venture capitalists). In other words, everybody’s all up in everybody else’s grill. And we’re all making unlikely new friends, fast.”