The “Jordana Tank” By Designer Lindsay Degen

May 31, 2013 — 0



My wife, Jordana Munk Martin, has inspired some new summer 2013 couture: The “Jordana Tank” by designer Lindsay Degen.  (FYI It’s not Jordana in these photos.)


Degen’s beautiful knitted summer sweaters are featured on Of A Kind, which describes them like this:

This is the definition of summer sweater. Hand-knit from super-soft merino wool, it’s substantial enough to wear to the office—and looks good with a blazer when the A/C is cranking. That being said: We’re pretty obsessed with how stellar both colors look with bare shoulders and white jeans.


I’m kinda proud. More than kinda.  And we are big fans of Degen’s work overall, including her collaboration with Converse last year.

Like most of Degen’s stuff, these summer sweaters will sell out — they’ve already started to, in some colors.  So get them while you can!


Welcome To “Prancersize”

May 31, 2013 — 0

Friends, our boring fitness routines just got a whole lot better. Well, mine did, at least. All thanks to my cousin, Aimee Evans, who just introduced our cardio vascular systems to the wild world of Joanna Rohrback.

As the name Prancersize suggests, it’s a workout plan inspired by, yes, horses. Don’t say nay before you give it a try. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado… strap your ankle weights on,  meet Joanna Rohrbeck, and prepare to unleash your inner-horse:

Or, if you prefer, the heavy metal version…

And thanks again, Aimee!



Yet Another Reason I’m Proud To Work Here

May 23, 2013 — 0

People say a lot of things about this place.  Here’s something you might not know about the real people who work here.

MTV partnered with Catchafire, an org that matches non-profits with executives who can help them.  Led by MTV President, Stephen Friedman, along with SVP of Pro Social and Public Affairs, Jason Rzepka, MTV worked with CEO (Center For Employment Opportunities) on ways to grow its impact. 

Here’s what my incredible friends and colleagues just did… 

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For more on MTV’s partnership with Catchafire and Center for Employment Opportunities, check out FastCo’s coverage: Before and After: How MTV Gave One Nonprofit A Makeover And Got Schooled In Social Storytelling