Month: December 2013

  • Heroes In The Off-Hours

    Creatures of Times Square, they’re just like us.  They count their cash… they check the mirror… they experience moments of sadness… they comfort one another… they adjust themselves…   they facetime with friends… and then they head home…    

  • The Sneaker Life

    (Artist unknown, London, 2013)

  • What Life Insurance Meant To McDonald’s, JC Penney & Stanford

    It’s that weird time of year when people seem to make financial plans.  Including life insurance?  Guess so, but is there really any time of year when people think about life insurance? Life insurance isn’t exactly top of mind; USA Today calls it “the most ignored in fianncial planning.”  Dare you to try and find a life insurance salesman under the…

  • Happy Holidays

    I had some fun making a video for my team as a warm-up for our holiday party, tonight.  I’m so proud of everyone at Scratch for their incredible work this year — our biggest and best ever.  This represents the first time I’ve ever been turned into a Belgian action star from the 90’s…  

  • Figurative Sidewalk Stain

    (Artist unknown, Brooklyn, 2013)

  • New Kicks

    Thank you to my friends at Converse for these objects of beauty on my birthday!