Nickelodeon Teams Up With HP

I normally don’t write about products, especially ones that are big, heavy and square. But this is more about people.

I’ve been impressed with HP’s marketing guru Ron Coughlin since we met last year via my colleague Matt Spielman. Ron’s got a tough job: Make people print more…in an era of blackberries, smartphones and Kindle. And of course use more HP ink cartridges.

I love Ron’s approach. Smart, tactical innovation. That’s why he teamed up with my colleagues at Nickelodeon, as well as USA Today, Google, Fandango,, DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon, Web Sudoku, and Weathernews.

Here’s the new printer from HP. Click here for a good article about how it uses partner apps to enable PC-less printing.

Rock on, Ron.






2 responses to “Nickelodeon Teams Up With HP”

  1. mymansky jorie Avatar
    mymansky jorie

    hold up, explain — this seems like a technological step forward but maybe i am misunderstanding. so you can print using this printer without even having a computer? that is incredible. what retailers already have it in stock or is this set for fall launch?

  2. evenseteven7 Avatar

    I know Ron — not only a brilliant marketer but actually a pretty good guy too. We did a deal together long ago and he came through, big time. Nice to see good guys doing well.

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