Alternative Uses for MTV’s former TRL Studio

We should probably figure out what to do with the incredible Times Square Studio we’ve got here. For 10 years, it was home to TRL. Soon, we’re going to move another show in there. But in the meantime, what should we do with it? Here are some ideas, but we need better ones…

1)  Teenage slumber parties (is it wrong if we charge?)
2)  UFC Live Event to destroy studio windows that face Times Square so we can do open-air concerts
3)  Give it to iCarly

4)  Satellite office for Division of Motor Vehicles
5) Temporary office upgrade for MTV Employee of the Month
6)  Day care for kids of staff
7)  Give it to Nick Cannon, Chariman of Teen Nick, and his wife, Mariah
8)  Storage for old Celebrity Death Match clay models
9) NYPD sniper perch

10) Tila Tequila petting zoo


11) ???





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