Antonio Campos’ “Afterschool” Is The Best Movie You Probably Won’t See This Year

Unless you trust me.

Is this movie going to make you laugh? Probably not even once. Is it going to make you go out and buy the soundtrack? Nope, there is no music in the movie.

So why am I recommending AFTERSCHOOL so strongly? Because in the midst of all the complete fucking shit in the theaters right now — (darn, promised I would be “more nicer” after Yom Kippur.)

I first heard about Antonio Campos from his manager, my friend, Melissa Breaux of Washington Square Arts. That was like 3 years ago.

Antonio’s least appreciated in America, but he’s our greatest young American filmmaking hope. You know who loves him? Cannes. The French get him. The Germans do too, I think. He is beloved in Armenia. Even the New York Times and The Village Voice. So what are the rest of us waiting for?

Nothin. It’s time. Watch this trailer. See this movie. Then join me in welcoming one of the most original, visionary voices in independent film in years. There’s just nobody like Antonio Campos. Nobody. See for yourself…

PS Check out Antonio’s incredible music video for The Shins, which was #1 on the college charts for 3 months.


5 responses to “Antonio Campos’ “Afterschool” Is The Best Movie You Probably Won’t See This Year”

  1. stella g Avatar
    stella g

    OMG i saw this movie at new york film festival this year and was completely blown away. you HAVE TO go see it. but you will need a strong 3 drinks afterwards, it fucks you up!

  2. Gentilly Avatar

    i saw it at NYFF too the whole crowd just sat there stunned after it ended. nobody could talk…or move. i am glad ifc is putting it in theaters but how long is the run? and will it be on IFC the TV channell too?

  3. Bradley Carnell Avatar
    Bradley Carnell

    there actually ARE some funny albeit awkward moments in the movie. antonio calls it a modern day sci-fi film. i see where het gets that, but that's a label we can stick on aronofsky. there's something else going on with antonio's films, starting from his shorts and continuing through this feature. i know a lot of people curious to see what he does next.

  4. Genevieve Avatar

    Does anybody know where I can see this? Or when it will be available to get commercially? I live in MIchigan and I am dying to see this

  5. Jerrod Hobb Avatar

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