Ashley Just Showed Me This Incredible Designer

Leave it to Ashley to find the most talented people on the planet.  She does it daily.

Meet Juan Carlos Pagan.

The piece below really speaks for itself, and for all the under-appreciated, all-star designers I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, who have made the stuff I’ve worked on look so much better, every time.

We gotta find a way to work with Juan Carlos. Here is another piece of his:

You can check out his portfolio on by clicking here.





4 responses to “Ashley Just Showed Me This Incredible Designer”

  1. Aimee Kibbles Avatar
    Aimee Kibbles

    Oh my god this guy is super talented thru the roof — is he in Peru?

  2. Rahsan Avatar

    just checked out his other stuff and it is great he should do a book

  3. lindsay Avatar

    mediocre. just sayin.

  4. Rahsan Avatar

    not mediocre at all, linds. you nuts, girl

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