Buying Shitloads Of “Zilch” by Nancy Lublin

Super lavish party last night for Nancy Lublin’s new book, ZILCH.


I walked in with the new Justin Bieber special issue of SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, under my arm, which Seventeen’s Editor-In-Chief Ann Shoket had given me in the car on the way to the party. (Ann grabbed it back to give to a very cool 8 year-old girl who was at the party, so now I have to buy my own unless Ann messengers me one today, as promised.)

After my Bieber mag got stolen from me, I went looking for Nancy (hard to miss in her orange leather jacket, which matches the cover of Zilch). While I congratulated her on her very excellent book, and wondered how the F she ever had time to write it, Nancy took the opportunity to passionately admire my glow-in-the-dark Silly-band bracelet. My bracelet happens to be a great example of the power of zilch.

silly band

This book literally makes you smarter. And when Nancy Lublin gives you a chance to tap your inner Nancy Lublin, you take it. So today I am buying a shit ton of Zilch, and I will give free copies to anyone who wants one.

Gotta go, Nancy is calling and wants to know how many copies I want. I’m gonna say a hundred, for starters.





4 responses to “Buying Shitloads Of “Zilch” by Nancy Lublin”

  1. @kayriii Avatar

    Just came across this blog… I want a copy!

  2. @CADVNY Avatar

    we want one too!

  3. Linds Avatar

    hey where's my copy?

  4. Ross Martin Avatar

    i got one for you, Lindsay!

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