Chester French’s Cell Phone Number: 617-830-2532

From D.A. of Chester French:

Finally, once we return from Europe we’re going to be doing something no artist has ever done before: weekly “office hours!” For an hour every week, I’ll open up my cell phone so that you can call me directly and we can talk. I’ll announce office hours on Twitter ( and then you can dial 617-830-2532 to reach me. You can call that number at all other times to leave messages that we’ll be checking every day. I’ll send out a video from the first office hours next week so you can see what it’s all about!

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6 responses to “Chester French’s Cell Phone Number: 617-830-2532”

  1. musicfortheages Avatar

    love love love DA! how did you get his phone number?????

  2. janiceoreiilybird Avatar

    I just called and left a message for the guys — so cool — will they call back? prob not ,right?

  3. stunner6 Avatar

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii DA!!!!! #;0) call meeee!

  4. dr doodie Avatar
    dr doodie

    DA's refridgerator is running……. HA HA LOL ROTFL OMG!

  5. luckyg Avatar

    So great! I wish more artists held office hours. Maybe then they'd be in touch with what their audience wants to hear!

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