Dead Malls Dot Com

January 28, 2010 — 2

I am on the most boring conference call of all time. A robot could do this call. That’s why it was so nice of the internets to gift me just now with a site I didn’t know about before: Dead Malls.

dead-mall 2

Pretty self explanatory. And if you are as bored as I am right now, peruse and bask in sweet memories of spending Saturday at the mall with your friends, knowing that now, most likely, that very mall is, uh, dead…

Here’s a short film about one of my favorite malls from growing up, a magnet for mischievous kids, disillusioned teens, picky molesters and grown ups who fish pennies from wishing wells. The Bergen Mall…

Now I’m off thinking about what we can do here in my group at work using dead malls. I have an idea…


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