F e e d b a c k

There are two things I didn’t anticipate when I began this blog:

1) How many people would read the posts and comment on them.

2) How many of those comments would come NOT in the space provided under each post but, rather, via direct, private contact with me through email, twitter, facebook, linkedin, phone and in the hallways.  I’d call that “Acoustic Feedback.”



One reason I do this blog is because — as anyone who works with me will tell you — I have pretty much lost all short term memory. This blog is a place I keep some of the stuff it seems like, at the time, I won’t want to forget. I have pretty much lost all short term memory. It’s almost like I’ve lost my short term memory.

Somehow this has become a place where I’m getting some brilliant correspondence from people I’ve never met. At first, I wondered why so many readers were emailing me their comments rather than posting them for others to see. Then I realized most of you work for companies where your status would be compromised if half the things you’ve been emailing me were ever made public.

In a sense, that’s too bad because what you’ve been emailing me is so ripe for discussion and so insightful, your thoughts and opinions would inspire your colleagues, peers and other interested mofos. You’ve got something burning, but you don’t want to get burned by making it public.

Jeff Jarvis (who wrote “What Would Google Do? “) is very clear about emails on his blog, BuzzMachine: If you email him, he can and very well might include or reference your email in his blog.

One thing’s for sure, I won’t do that. If you contact me, I won’t post your comments without your permission.

I get it, and whether you choose to reach out to me privately — as most seem to — or publicly, I really appreciate the feedback, I learn a lot from it, and I’m glad to see it keeps going.






2 responses to “F e e d b a c k”

  1. Sasha Redmans Avatar
    Sasha Redmans

    I enjoy readin your posts and going back and forth with you on email.

  2. Paula Roy Avatar
    Paula Roy

    Ross? I think i have found you again. I just pulled your book “The Cop Who Rides Alone” off my bookshelf and read again some of the poems. Then knowing that the Internet tells all, I googled and found you in several ways. Please let me know if you would like to reconnect.

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