“Fucked In Park Slope” Is My New Friday Follow on Twitter

Ever since Erica, Greg and Benjamin paid sweet homage to the profound Brooklyn shofar glory of Andy Bachman, I’m a believer. This site is pure neighborhoodishly awesome. I mean, where else you gonna find a story about Adrien Grenier’s delinquent employment record at the Park Slope Food Coop?

And where else you gonna find a dictionary like this:

*BALLER – n. Kid free-n-lovin it

*BREEDER – n. Baby maker

*BR-ALLER – n. a BREEDER who’s proven themselves to be cool enough that, despite their tendencies to procreate, can still maintain the basic principles of a BALLER attitude and lifestyle.

*COOPRETARD – n. Any annoying person who works at the Park Slope Food Coop

*FIPS – n. Fucked in Park Slope; the most badass’d blog on the dub dub dub

*SILTH – n. Sloper I’d Like To Hurt

*SAHM (or “SHAM”) – n. Stay At Home Mom

*SCHADENFOER – n. The feeling of envy and/or hate toward literary wunderkind and Park Slope resident, Jonathan Safran Foer

So check out their site

And follow them on Twitter

Whether you live in Park Slope or just hate those of us who do*, this one’s for you.

PS Congratulations to my friend Amy Sohn, who is officially regarded by “Fucked In Park Slope” as a “br-aller,” as defined above. For more Amy Sohn, check out her new book (about, you guessed it, Park freakin Slope).

* We live in Prospect Heights, actually. Or, as Courtney likes to say, “Bed Stuy”


5 responses to ““Fucked In Park Slope” Is My New Friday Follow on Twitter”

  1. @twofones Avatar

    SCHADENFOER is friggin genius

  2. Sticker Kid Avatar
    Sticker Kid

    Addicted to this site

  3. Fucked in Park Slope Avatar

    Thanks for the shoutout, yo! And there ain't no shame in your Prospect Heights, game! (well, mostly…)

  4. pkay225 Avatar

    My boy Tom Russell also drops Slope knowledge

    can never get enough of that CH photo.

  5. Amy Sohn Avatar

    Yo yo!!! Pro-He in the sequel! Let’s have a “development” meeting.

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