Girl Jumps On Stage At Friendly Fires Show In Brooklyn & Won’t Get Off So They Have No Choice But To Throw Her

August 14, 2009 — 5

***UPDATE: Click here to see lead singer Ed MacFarlane’s backstage explanation for throwing the girl off stage***

Chaos at the Friendly Fires performance in Brooklyn, tonight!

When a drunk fan pops up on stage at your show, you dance with her a little, then expect her to kinda dance herself off stage. When you try to get her to leave and she won’t…what then?

What you are about to see is only the start. Later in the show, ever more brazen fans of Friendly Fires ascend to the stage, causing complete mayhem, mostly in a good way.

More updates to come soon. But first, this…

After the chaos and controversy calmed, we hung out backstage with the band and decomressed. Stay tuned for lead singer Ed’s reaction to what he just survived, coming soon…


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