Greg Clayman Joins The Search For My Russian Twin

Last week, my mom tried to convince me that the Russian government took my freakin’ Bar Mitzvah money.

Today, my friend and colleague Greg Clayman, EVP of Digital Distribution & Business Development at MTV Networks, weighs in on my search for my “Russian twin,” Bolislav Vainman.

Greg has already begun looking for Bolislav, which I appreciate, given his many responsibilities at work and in life. He is a true friend, and an expert at the interweb and cell phones. Plus, Greg knows everybody, so it’s likely he has met Bolislav Vainman at a conference, or been a panelist with him at an industry event, and just forgotten.

That’s ok. I know, in the end, Greg’s thoughtful research will only help bring us closer to the real Bolislav Vainman…

From Greg Clayman:

“You know, Ross, it’s likely that the issue you’re having finding him on Google may be the transliteration of his name from Cyrillic into English. There are lots of different ways to spell a name like Bolislav Vainman. And when you take into account diminutives and/or shortening of the name should Bolislav have immigrated somewhere it expands the pool.

This, for example, could be your guy:

Boris Vaynman

“Of course if he actually did emigrate to Israel he could be Shmuley Nimrod for all we know.”

Thank you, Greg.

Bolislav? You out there? Hello?


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