Guest Lectured This Week At NYU

I guest lectured an NYU class on the future of media and entertainment on Wednesday. The class was about 50 students from NYU’s Tisch (film/tv/media), Stern (business) and Gallatin (individualized study) schools.

Here’s my profile on RateMyProfessors, with 2 ratings so far.

Posting this comment from a student for my mom to see:

Enjoyed listening to his job description. Powerpoint was amazing, loved the pictures. He made the entire class interesting and fun. Great sense of humor and personality. I’ve never have been so sad to see a guest speaker leave before. Thank you Mr. Martin for coming.

Notice the student did not comment on my hotness. I begged the class to go on and give me “chili peppers” (an indication of a professor’s hotness) — to prove to my wife that I am indeed still hot — but, sadly, nobody felt so moved to do so.

Great class, though. Asked some insightful questions. Most watch Jersey Shore, but none actually know when it’s on (they TiVo it). The whole experience gave me a chance to feel like a college professor again.


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