I’m Following Alexa Chung

Alexa Chungs show hits MTV afternoons starting June 15th
Alexa Chung's show hits MTV afternoons starting June 15th

So are 30,000 other people, on twitter. A lot of them care about what she’s talking about or that she lives with an Arctic Monkey. Me, not so much. But I still like her. And that’s the THING about Alexa Chung — even when you don’t get it or don’t really care, you STAY, you hang out, you wanna be around it because you’re interested enough to see what’s gonna happen next.

That’s why I think her MTV show’s going to work. That and the fact that Corin Nelson (Rosie, Megan Mullaly, Chelsea Lately, Sharon Osborne Show, etc) is running the show.

Yes, I know everyone’s lining up to take bets on this one. Fine, count me on the side that says this experiment will work. A rating would be nice, but it’s about more than that. It’s about the voice of the network. It’s about the face of the network. It’s about an afternoon destination for the artists who put the M in MTV. And if we get it right it’s about a pure connection between Alexa and our audience.

I’m with you, Alexa. Do it.





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