It’s Official: I Just Set A New World Record

Tonight, I realized a lifelong dream. Officials from the Universal Record Data Base have contacted me to confirm I set the new world record for MOST EAR WIGGLES IN :30 SECONDS.

Thank you to my family and friends, to all those who believed that one day I would amount to more than a ___________. Special thanks to the inimitable Jordan “Cosell” Berman for his expert play by play and maximum respect to Rachel Sklar and Sean Goldsmith for inspiring me to beat them.






10 responses to “It’s Official: I Just Set A New World Record”

  1. SIlvio Brehms Avatar
    SIlvio Brehms

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kristof Avatar

    I can wiggle 76 times with both ears and nose or just one ear at a time you see in 30 second and i am coming for you mr martin!!!

  3. George Avatar

    I always knew you'd do something special one day. F the poetry et al. You are the proverbial Man.

  4. Carole Robinson Avatar
    Carole Robinson

    I can't wiggle at ALL and I am very impressed.

  5. Bjenner Avatar

    Congratulations Ross!! Always knew you could do it! xoxo Barb Jenner

  6. @twofones Avatar

    Most ear wiggles in :30 seconds, and yet the video is three minutes long. Just saying.

  7. Rob Avatar

    My wife has been know to ear wiggle from time to time..'clearly a skill acquired from the Kessler side of the fam. Even so, cousin Aimee couldn't dream of this level of accomplishment. Congratulations!

  8. Aimee Avatar

    Wow – I guess it's genetic. I'm the only person I know who can wiggle their ears. Amazing genes we have. We are so blessed.

  9. Benjamin Avatar

    Wow. Impressive. Further evidence that your human spirit knows no limits! Congrats!

  10. Eda Kapsis Avatar

    glad to know YOUR wife had the good sense to encourage your high aspirations. your destiny is to inspire millions in rossmartinized productions – – march on in the good work.

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