Joe Simon = Yoda

Meet Joe Simon.  Joe is Viacom’s Chief Information Officer. 

If something goes wrong with your video conference or the speakerphone or your internet connection, you do not ask Joe to fix it. That’s like asking a dentist to fill a cavity. Joe has people who do that stuff.

Today, stuck in an all-day offsite, my blackberry went nuts and started absurdly auto-correcting words I typed. For example, when I typed “No,” I got “Oh no you howana.” Luckily, Joe Simon was there. I wasn’t going to say anything, but then he came up to me during a break and said, “Hello, Ross.”.

I like the way Joe Simon says hello to me. I like how he says my name. He makes it sound so much more meaningful than when I say it. That’s because everything Joe says is full of deep meaning.

So anyway, I told Joe I wasn’t doing so well. “Why?” he asked. “Well, Joe, if you really must know,” I said, “my fucking blackberry is haywire, it’s inventing words.”

Calmly, Joe applied a single finger to the keys. Within moments, my universe was balanced again.

That’s why Joe is Viacom’s CIO.

Here’s to you, Joe. You get your very own shout out on my blog. You fixed my shit, and I love you for it.








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  1. musicfortheages Avatar

    Joe-da! I love him. He's the guy who made all our copiers copy double-sided — he cares about the environment. But why so hard to get a blackberry?

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