Juliette LaMontagne’s New “Breaker” Project: Urban Micro Agriculture

Last year, Scratch joined GoogleLabs, IDEO and Yves Behar’s Fuse Project as advisors to a project to imagine the future of the book.  Inspired by legendary book publisher Charlie Melcher, the working group included about a dozen or so Millennials from diverse backgrounds, who were led by educator and social innovation pioneer Juliette LaMontagne.  Juliette, a TED Fellow, formed the group, which is now known as BREAKER.

The next project by BREAKER  is an urban micro agriculture initiative inspired by Majora Carter. Consider investing in it. 

Here’s the video from Kickstarter:

Breaker: Redefining Education. Creating Entrepreneurs. Designing Change. from Juliette LaMontagne on Vimeo.


Here’s more about the project from the Kickstarter page:

BREAKER is a 12-week program that mobilizes interdisciplinary teams of young, creative collaborators to design solutions to big challenges – in this case, Urban Micro Agriculture. Community gardens, local organic farming, and rooftop farms are a more prevalent part of our lives as we become more conscious of the food industry’s impact on our health, the economy, and the environment. So far, these gardens and farms have been wonderful sources for connecting people to food and to each other, but their impact remains small-scale, benefiting those who can afford to pay a premium for fresh food.

Beginning in January, our team of fifteen 18-24 year-olds will collaborate with Majora Carter and a variety of industry experts to create a product or service that envisions a scalable, affordable role for urban micro agriculture within a broader ecosystem of food and agricultural consumption. In the process, the team will learn about design as a creative problem-solving method and apply the entrepreneurial skills necessary to transform ideas into businesses.

Participants will leave BREAKER with new perspectives and abilities. Products will result from BREAKER ready to be stress-tested and developed.

We’re offering a variety of ways to be a part of this story-in-the-making: support our vision, gain access to our collaborators, get insight into our process, attend valuable workshops, and have the first look at the resulting products. By participating in Urban Micro Agriculture, you’re also joining the BREAKER community of TED visionaries, design professionals, and talented young leaders.


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