Just Left Matt & Kim Woodie Awards Rehearsal

November 18, 2009 — 0

Tough to figure out lighting and what happens visually in the song’s bridge and climax, but lighting designer Chris Lande, Set Designer Tom Lenz, and the rest of the Woodies production team just nailed a really powerful way to kick off the show, which is at Roseland Ballroom in about 20 hours. We are putting on Matt & Kim first, opening the show. A spot Lupe Fiasco and Patrick Stump got last year.

MTV and mtvU are reporting about Matt & Kim’s rehearsal, as we speak. I was about 3 feet from the band all night, and they sounded amazing, especially with backing vocals by — shhh don’t tell — 8 bike messengers who transform into their chorus.

Check out these photos from tonight’s rehearsal. If they’re like this in rehearsal, imagine what they will be like at the real thing.

Matt Johnson,Kim Schifino

Matt Johnson,Kim Schifino

Here’s Matt & Kim, taking a break as we build the set around them:

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