Formula 1 CMO Michael Williams Be Like

There’s having a martini…and then there’s having a martini with the guy that’s about to bring Formula 1 racing to America.

I’m at The Lambs Club in Manhattan, having a drink with Michael Williams, former CMO of the NJ Devils, now the new CMO of Formula 1. Dude just walked me through the plan to bring racing’s highest form of art to Weehawken, NJ.

It’s tough to say what will have more impact — the sight or the sound or the culture itself. I sat there listening to Michael break it down for me, and I could feel it. To give a sense of how power-packed these vehicles are: if I were to step out of my Times Square office while the race was happening, I’d hear the roar from Jersey.

Red Bull put together this video to try and capture what Formula One will feel like, for those of of us who haven’t been to Monaco Grand Prix:

Now it’s just a question of who’s in and when this happens. I’m not even a true racing fan, but my money’s on 2015. And if half the shit Michael’s planning actually happens, this will be among the biggest and most disruptive sporting events we’ve seen in a long, long time.





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