Matt Damon, Chris Moore & The History Channel (and Aniboom)

Nancy Dubuc at The History Channel is betting big on THE PEOPLE SPEAK, an interpretation of Howard Zinn’s legendary A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.

The doc has the potential to be History Channel’s own PLANET EARTH type franchise. I’ve seen some, it’s pretty powerful to watch — and could the timing be any better?

Morgan Freeman reciting anything is powerful. Here he’s joined by Matt Damon, Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, Sean Penn, Wyclef, Sandra Oh, David Straithairn, Don Cheadle, Howard Zinn, Lupe Fiasco, and on and on. Props to Chris Moore and Matt Damon (exec producers) for getting them all on board. Then again, who would say no?

Here’s an unfinished promo they showed us and are now circulating:

Also, in their continuing efforts to gear up for promotion and launch of the program later this year, Nancy, Chris and Matt just teamed up with Anibooom to get animators to create short form interpretations of the greatest speeches in American history.

I’ve been checking out Aniboom, keep hearing them come up in conversation, we met with them, and I’m curious to see how their crowdsourcing of animation evolves as a business. As we’ve seen first hand, no shortage of incredible animators around the world, looking for their shot. How Aniboom will build and sustain its model is another story, for another day.

Anyway, here’s a cool contest Aniboom just launched with History Channel. It’s gonna yield some intense animation, no doubt.


3 responses to “Matt Damon, Chris Moore & The History Channel (and Aniboom)”

  1. jonnyjon Avatar

    this is a cool idea but wish they had a better trailer for the doc. is there one or is there one coming? need something to do it justicebesides actors on a stage. the animation idea could help.

  2. geronimo7 Avatar

    they betterdo better than this trailer because it isnt very compelling

  3. jamescraburn Avatar

    looking forward to this docu on history channel,

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