MTV Ad Sales Guys Ira Sperling & John Kelly Jam On Guitar & Vocals Here In My Office

March 9, 2010 — 1

Special thanks to John Kelly and Ira Sperling, both from MTV ad sales’ “Pricing & Inventory” group. Not just for the great performance — shot live in my office — but also for their patience (I’ve been holding on to these clips for a while, keeping them to myself).

By day, these guys manage the complex dimensional grid that somehow adds up to sponsors getting seen on our networks most effectively. Their mathematical wizardry is legendary in our halls, but it’s their heart and talent that really shined in my office that afternoon.

Here are 3 original songs. This first, “Subway Song,” will make you laugh. Especially if you work in Times Square and deal with a subway commute…

These two are more soulful and make me wish I had better lighting to match the mood. Here’s
Sing Me To Sleep”:

And here’s a song about cross-country road trip. I love the first line: “Turn the key, I’m movin’.”

Needless to say, we gotta get Ira and John back in here to play some more. The vibe was amazing, and not just because of all the Pabst on hand, though that didn’t hurt. Thanks guys.

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