My Hands Are Bananas

Nick Andrews is a student filmmaker at Montana State. Here’s what Nick looks like:

I first saw Nick’s work when he starting posting films in mtvU’s BEST FILM ON CAMPUS (aka BFOC), an incubator for college student filmmakers. Best Film On Campus is wall to wall with amazing young writers and directors. When they start blowing up in here, we hook them up with series deals, feature film development deals, music video productions, etc.

Here are some great examples of music videos made by college kids via BFOC…

Antonio Campos’ (NYU) music video for The Shins

Lauren Simpson’s (Texas A&M) music video for Motion City Soundtrack

Joe Stakum’s (Temple University) music video for Modest Mouse

All 3 of these videos went to the national college top ten from the moment they premiered.

Anyway, Nick posted his film “MY HANDS ARE BANANAS,” which is one of those shorts that’s so hilarious and original, you have no choice but to send it all your friends. I even sent it to my mom. Then we signed Nick up to star in a short-form series mtvU did with Ford, called the mtvU College 500. He was brilliant in it.

MY HANDS ARE BANANAS didn’t just do well…it blew up. Now 6MM people have watched this sucker. Here it is on youtube:

And it’s provoked some pretty great tributes and responses. Like this one, using machinima via Halo 2:

Girls tried it:

And then there’s this girl, who made her parents proud:

Check out this totally a Capella version…

Would love to work more with Nick Andrews, and I know I’m not alone in that. And I can’t wait to see what new talent we discover next in BFOC.


2 responses to “My Hands Are Bananas”

  1. Stephen Schutzman Avatar

    The tributes are Fantastique! The a Capella and 3 year old have me rotfl. I'm sure Nick's very proud, great post

  2. Stan R Avatar
    Stan R

    Genius. I love Nick Andrew and how come you aint giving him one a yor frewakin dev deals now???

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