My Mom Responds To The Search For Bolislav

My mother weighs in on the post about my search for the kid I gave half my Bar Mitzvah money to

“Actually, Ross, I don’t think Bolislav has any idea who you are or what you did. The Russians intercepted your letters, and he never received anything. It was all in vain. Like his name. You like that rhyme?

“Don’t you remember we put special stamps on it? They were supposed to tell us when he got the money. We got the return-receipt back, but he hadn’t signed it.

“The Russians took your money, Ross.”

I love my mom.


4 responses to “My Mom Responds To The Search For Bolislav”

  1. Sal V Avatar
    Sal V

    Hilarious! Your mama is funny. And sounds like you gotta go get yer money back from Barishnakov!

  2. Sally Lewis Meisner Avatar
    Sally Lewis Meisner

    I hadn't thought about my "Russian Twin," Diana Solvei, since some time in college. I remember having a discussion with a sorority sister from Minnesota about "twinning."

    "I even remember my twin's name," my midwestern friend said, "Diana Solvei." Obviously, I became doubtful of the legitimacy of the program considering I was from NJ.

    Nice blog, Ross! Great response, Mrs. Martin!

  3. Brita Kleiger Avatar
    Brita Kleiger

    I TOO HAD A RUSSIAN TWIN! Years ago, I tried finidng her but NOTHING. If we worked together, we could indeed find some, right? Mine's name was Svenna, an unusual name for a Russian. And you know, she did not write me back.

  4. Ross Martin Avatar

    Sally, great to hear from you. I feel like we have to find Diana Solvei, too. Or at least prove she did or did not exist. In the meantime, if my blog gets shut down, please come save me from the Soviets. – Ross

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