NeuroDrinks Part 2: Neuro Defends Itself Against

I recently posted about NeuroDrinks: How confused The W Hotel made me by offering a “sleep enhancing beverage” at 7am, when that’s the last thing we needed. How impressed I am with Neuro’s celeb marketing savvy. And their accidental misspelling of “function” (as “funtion”) on the NeuroDrinks label.

(Kristin Davis notices the same misspelling I did)

Well, it’s taken me a while to provide this update, but about 15 minutes after my initial post, here’s the message I received from NeuroDrinks:


I work with Neuro. We are aware of the misprint on the bottle. The W Hotel has some older product and we have since fixed the error and reprinted the labels. Thank you again for pointing it out to us but would you mind taking down the picture?

-Justin, NeuroDrinks

Dear Justin,

Thank you for clarifying, and for being seriously quick and good at what you do.

Considering you recently supplied your drink to a benefit party for St. Judes, the incredible children’s hospital, Justin, I think we could be friends.

Your pal,


PS Justin, can I be candid for a moment? I feel like a dick for making such a big deal about your little misspelling on the label. Especially when I had to look up the word “misspelling” 3 times just now. So I have decided to make a donation to St. Judes Children’s Hospital in your name, if that’s ok. And I’ll try harder to find your drink in Times Square (but not at The W), or you can just send me some.





6 responses to “NeuroDrinks Part 2: Neuro Defends Itself Against”

  1. Alvin Avatar

    funny post, but if I were this kid Justin I would call up my boss in beverly hills or wherever they are and get a freakin fridge full of Neuro and send it to you at MTV right now. And beg you to hand the drinks to celebs who come on your Alexa Chung show $:)

  2. Steph J Avatar
    Steph J

    you were close! they're in santa monica not bev hills. and i found the lady who founded neruo: some kind of huge philanthropist married to — you guessed it — a gazillionaire. but she is really hot! and starting a movie company with will smith in africa????

  3. Justin Avatar

    Thanks for the donation 🙂

  4. Alvin Avatar

    Wait, is this a comment from the Justin at Neuro?

  5. Rahsan Avatar

    I too have been trying to find Neuro because i heard about it from a friend in San Jose and heard it's actually tasty and they give half the profits to charity because this rich woman owns it and she doesnt really need the money

  6. Justin Avatar

    If you are looking for the Neuro drinks they are in stores in California and online at

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