New Favorite Follow: @chrisbrogan

It’s hard to find anybody better (not counting celebs who hire twitter teams) at navigating online communities than Chris Brogan. He’s grown a legion of followers into a kinetic network that engages with him every minute. And he uses it to gather information, spread information and direct digital flow.

Chris’ blog is pretty incredible, too. I just added it to my blogroll. Chris’ posts offer insights and interpretation of social networking trends, and unique visions for the future of digital interaction that someone like me can read, understand…and use. Perhaps that’s why so many businesses seem to be hiring Chris to explain the interweb to them.

If you’re on twitter, you’re probably following Chris Brogan already. But if you’re not, try him out.

Here’s Chris at BEA 2009 talking about Trust Agents…

PS As always, thanks to Kenny Miller for turing me on to Chris’ world. Kenny usually seems to know about this stuff before anybody else.


3 responses to “New Favorite Follow: @chrisbrogan”

  1. Jamaica King Avatar
    Jamaica King

    never heard of chris before but i will check him out seems like he is on top of shit THANKS FOR HEADS UP ROSS

  2. Jen Jones Avatar
    Jen Jones

    love him, already follow him, so do 88,000 people like you and me 😉 — keep it going CB!!

  3. John Pisciotta Avatar

    Yep, Truly gets all things 2.0, and hes a nice guy…

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