Most Awkward Interview on Live TV Ever (tonight)

UPDATE: I can’t believe the fockers at MSNBC took this video down. I could spend time tracking down another copy because I’m sure it’s back on the web somewhere, but I’m on a short conf call that’s actually got my attention and it’s going to end soon, so no time to go looking. Moving on…

While everyone was out at Arctic Monkeys crowdsurfing with Diddy, or at Mercury Lounge or at Wolfmother’s basement party, Jennifer Senior of New York Magazine was on MSNBC and, well, uh, had some issues with her earpiece.

So what did the anchors do? They made fun of her, of course! Proving that nightly news isn’t dead! And TV is just as awesome as Arctic Monkeys concerts!

But as always, in the end, the internet superhighway wins: Turns out more people have already seen this via Gawker than watched MSNBC the entire day.

Holy fuckin awkward!





2 responses to “Most Awkward Interview on Live TV Ever (tonight)”

  1. @Stottle Avatar

    Wow. Just wow. Loves me a live news trainwreck.

  2. Jen Jones Avatar
    Jen Jones

    incredibly uncomfortable to watch!!

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