To The Next Person Who Tells You “Settle Down”

Tell us impossible.  Tell us we can’t.  That thing we see in our heads — that thing that hasn’t been done.

He can’t, she won’t, we’ve never.  Tell us settle down, settle down.

Ok now listen close: We.  Never.  Settle.


We never give up, we never give in, we will Never.  Settle.  Down.

Bring on the roadblocks, build up the walls and stand the armies between us and what we imagine.

Then go away.  Leave us be.  Leave us alone with our gang.

Leave me with bandits and leave me the freaks, the makers and the crazy believers. The ones who can’t sleep, the ones who can’t stop, the ones who can never sit still.  Who burn and yearn and feed on the doubt and fear.

Leave me alone with the ones who have been here and the ones who never have.

The ones who don’t know how but believe they can.  The ones who have everything to lose.

The ones who’ve seen us and want to know what it feels like.  The ones who’ve earned their shot.

The ones who stare and the ones who dare.

Look us in the face and say it again, say “Settle down, (your name here), you will never get that done.”