Open Invitation To Anni Rossi

I heard about Anni Rossi from my friend, Shannon Connolly.


I can’t stop thinking how cool it would be to see her perform here in the office.

So Anni, next time you’re in America, will you please come jam here in the office?





4 responses to “Open Invitation To Anni Rossi”

  1. Barb Avatar

    so psyched to discover this woman for the first time here — just checked out her myspace and some more videos of her on youtube, she is amazing, so unique sounding. thanks!

  2. alisa olander Avatar

    yeah and invite me next time ROSS!

  3. anni rossi Avatar
    anni rossi

    awesome! would love to come in and play for you guys. can we have bagels and coffee?
    can't wait! arxo

  4. Ross Martin Avatar
    Ross Martin

    Awesome, Anni — can’t wait. We’ll definitely get some bagels and coffee, in addition to the Pabst…

    – Ross

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