Pamela Anderson + Ed Westwick = Nokia N8?

Like, why?

Last year, I was invited to Nokia Ideas Camp, a fun good time with lotsa Nordic smart folk, lotsa blue-eyed rocket scientists who make robots and battle them for fun. I even met Tim Kring. And had a beer with Yossi Vardi. It’s a playground of ideas and the geniuses who actually know how to make shit.

I loved it. I set a World Record for “ear-wiggling,” and I got to play with all the new Nokia phones, many of which won’t be out for a few years, some of which will never see the light of day, and of course the big daddy, the Nokia N8.

The N8 is market proof — for those consumers who don’t go to CES — that there’s so much cool shit going on inside Nokia.


And yet, and yet. Did you know? Did you care? Nokia continues to get slammed here in the U.S. by Apple and anyone else who wants to make a phone.

Nokia’s solution: Pam Anderson? Ed Westwick? Is Pam Anderson in a short film going to make you want to buy no other mobile device but this one? And if that’s asking too much, is she even going to make you think Nokia’s a brand for people like you?



Craig, let’s you and me and ML have a whiskey at an undisclosed location and hit GO on #684 already.





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