Shit! Sway, My Bad. I Didn’t Know Y’all Were Live On-Air…

Thanks to everyone who texted and emailed me to get out of the shot. Here I am blowin’ up Sway’s spot…by accident, I swear. Once I realized, I cleared outa there, but still…

Ross on MTV by accident from Ross Martin on Vimeo.





5 responses to “Shit! Sway, My Bad. I Didn’t Know Y’all Were Live On-Air…”

  1. Tom Biro Avatar

    Dude, I totally did that on the carpet. They set up a shot just as I turned around to go tell some of the executives who was rolling up in a limo, and I half-walked into a live shot from Sway. Yeah, that wasn't fun.

  2. Paul DeGeorges Avatar

    Cold busted posting to somethingburning from the red carpet

  3. Neal Durando Avatar

    You *are* looking fast. But I wonder if you'll be fast enough.

  4. Linds Avatar

    are you never NOT on your bberry Mr. Martin?

  5. Miller Avatar

    Ummm…Sway called it the Video Music Awards. I think that's almost as bad as you being the guy in the shot.

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