Social Study On Musical Stairs, By Volkswagon

My friend, screenwriter and “Lifestyle Ambassador” Daedalus Howell, turned me on to this new interactive public art from VW.  Not a new concept, but a successful one. And it’s always kinda fun when brands play social anthropologist…

Here’s what Ed Cotton from Influx Insights says about it:

It’s clever and entertaining, but I keep wondering why it is we like it and I can only assume it’s because it shows a brand really going out of its way to make people’s lives more fun.

You could hire an expensive director and produce an elaborate ad that shows exactly the same thing, but it would not have half the power or potency, which tells us something about the weakness of advertising.

The VW film is engaging and interactive because there’s an interesting concept (the challenge of an alternative route), you know its real and you want to see how the people react (will they take the long road, if it’s more fun) and this is the piece that draws you in.

In reality, it’s the next best thing to make a great product, it’s clever, live experiential communication that can be shared.

While the linkage of the idea to VW is a little stretched, you overlooked that and end up just feeling good about the brand.

I guess there’s a lesson here.

How can you create something real that has a conceptual idea at it’s heart and provides a fun, interesting, positive and engaging experience for people?

PS Daedalus is a fun follow if you’re on twitter.






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