Squirrel Attacks Man

My biggest fucking fear in life, besides prison, is this. So, thanks to my wife for sharing this article from the Burlington Free Press this morning…

Squirrel attacking residents of Vermont neighborhood

BENNINGTON — A Vermont neighborhood is being stalked by a renegade gray squirrel. Several people in Bennington say they’ve been attacked by a squirrel over the last few weeks.

Kevin McDonald tells the Bennington Banner he was shoveling snow when the squirrel jumped onto him. He says he threw the animal off, but it twice jumped back onto him. A game warden says there have been other reports, too.

One woman is being treated for exposure to rabies, but Vermont Public Health Veterinarian Robert Johnson says there’s never been a case of a squirrel passing rabies to a human.

Johnson says it’s possible the squirrel was raised as a pet and lost its fear of humans. He says the squirrel might “go ballistic” when it encounters people it doesn’t recognize.





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  1. Patty Avatar

    This picture is horrifying.

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