Mischa Barton, Anna Faris & Diablo Cody on Corin Nelson’s Final Episode of MTV’s “It’s On With Alexa Chung”

September 16, 2009 — 2

Props to Corin Nelson for a great run, launching season one of It’s On With Alexa Chung. (Alexa returns at 3:30pm on October 12th)

I went down to the studio to say goodbye and wish Corin luck as she heads back to LA. WHile there. I shot some of the show between the cameraman’s legs. Staring with Anna Faris…

Then Mischa Barton

And some more Mischa


Follow @URDB & Set A New World Record

July 17, 2009 — 6

Not sure when I first discovered that I can wiggle my ears, but for years it’s come in handy, especially when I run out of things to say in awkward social situations. “Look what I can do,” I’ll exclaim, pretending that I’m surprised by my own ability, as if I just discovered I could do it, and distracting myself and others from the pain of a conversation run dry.

Last year I became friends with Dan Rollman. Here’s a photo of Dan because he is a really enjoyable person to look at:

Dan makes handwritten T-shirts you can buy.

Dan and his friends also founded and run “Universal Records Data Base.” They call it “The definitive site for human achievement.” I call it “The Antidote to the Guinness Book of World Records.” It’s a user-generated world records, and perfectly timed for those of us who believe “communities of aspiration” are the new world order.

Imagine my shock when I found out Rachel Sklar set the world record for “Most Ear Wiggles in 30 Seconds.” She wiggled 61 times. Here’s Rachel setting the record:

Rachel and I have never met, but we have a bunch of good friends in common. My first response was, “I am going to destroy her.” Seems like other ear wigglers are after her too, but none in the :30 second category, so she still holds the record.

Watch out, Rachel. I’m coming after you. I’m scheduled to attempt to break your record at a public event in late August. More to come on that.

Back to URDB for a sec… I’ve met with Dan Rollman and his friends a few times, really want to figure out a show with them. In the meantime, maybe you’ve seen URDB on Jimmy Fallon (they’ve been on repeatedly). Maybe you saw them mentioned on our show It’s On With Alexa Chung.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for Dan and his buddies to get their own show on TV. You can follow them on Twitter here or visit their site and set your own world record this weekend.

URDB is this Friday’s Favorite Follow.

Here’s some more fun record-setting action…

This one’s from the Reflection Of Christ Youth Ministry Group!: “Largest Group of People to Mix Sprite & Alka Seltzer in Their Mouths at the Same Time”

Here’s the record you could most easily beat this weekend and have the most fun doing too: “Most People Drinking Beer WHile In A River”

And here’s the “Largest Toothpick Beard”


I’m Following Alexa Chung

May 26, 2009 — 0

Alexa Chungs show hits MTV afternoons starting June 15th
Alexa Chung's show hits MTV afternoons starting June 15th

So are 30,000 other people, on twitter. A lot of them care about what she’s talking about or that she lives with an Arctic Monkey. Me, not so much. But I still like her. And that’s the THING about Alexa Chung — even when you don’t get it or don’t really care, you STAY, you hang out, you wanna be around it because you’re interested enough to see what’s gonna happen next.

That’s why I think her MTV show’s going to work. That and the fact that Corin Nelson (Rosie, Megan Mullaly, Chelsea Lately, Sharon Osborne Show, etc) is running the show.

Yes, I know everyone’s lining up to take bets on this one. Fine, count me on the side that says this experiment will work. A rating would be nice, but it’s about more than that. It’s about the voice of the network. It’s about the face of the network. It’s about an afternoon destination for the artists who put the M in MTV. And if we get it right it’s about a pure connection between Alexa and our audience.

I’m with you, Alexa. Do it.